Hi bb! I’m Jaime Wright, a writer and professional astrologer based in Brooklyn.

What is moon missives?

moon missives is astrology done my way. What started in 2016 as an experiment of a side project: inbox gifts for treasured friends every new and full moon morphed into a quarterly lit journal in 2017, and then found its home as my professional astrology practice sometime thereafter. In 2021, we moved to Substack. Sign up and get my weekly reflections on recent or upcoming transits told through art, culture and, yes, most importantly, my personal experiences. Paid subscribers get access to horoscopes for every new and full moon, along with more personal glimpses into my practice.

Why astrology?

People always ask if I “believe” in astrology, and the truth is I don’t. Because astrology doesn’t require “belief” for it to work. It’s a tool. And like music, astrology is movement. All that’s required to play with astrology is light and the willingness to observe it.

Astrology lets us be small figures in a vast expanse (a relief). Astrology maps our life through cycles and seasons as we ebb and flow, observing morning and evening stars, existing in the heart of the sun, and moving imperfectly like the moon. It gives some perspective through reckoning with giant rocks and balls of fire. It's for noticing patterns and for accepting that though we do not control the motion of the universe, we may find ourselves within it and claim the powers that we do have. Astrology isn’t for “what the stars say,” it’s about what we contain